Ekspert fikri

Center for Socio-economical and Marketing Research

Ekspert fikri was founded in1991


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Executive director Arustan Joldasov


Office address:

97a, Khurshid Street,

Tashkent 100128, Uzbekistan


Mailing address:


97a, Khurshid Street,

Tashkent 700128, Uzbekistan

Tel: (+99871) 2410930, 2415005, 2417726, 2410402

Fax: (+99871) 2410488

E-mail: arslan@expert-center.uz


Principal activities in Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan:


Socio-economical surveys

Marketing surveys

Public opinion polls

Press monitoring and content analysis since 1993

Consultations, training and workshops


More than 1000 surveys devoted to the following topics: marketing; communication and mass-media; business environment; reforms in agriculture; environment; energy consumption; ethnic identity and religiousness; living standards; social stratification; nets and capital; conflicts, migration, ethnic minorities; education and health; infrastructure; gender issues; drugs and HIV/AIDS issues; and many others.


Staff and facilities


  20 permanent employees;

  150 interviewers and line supervisors recruited on a part time contract basis;

  regular certification of interviewers and supervisors;

  network of local branches in 12 regions;

  providing supervision over at least 10 interviewers;

  own data entry division;

  35 computerized workplaces linked into a network;

  office of 200 square meters, with a hall for training and workshops, and a room with one-way mirror for focus group discussions;

  2 publishing desktops, 2 copiers;

  video and audio recording equipment for qualitative research;

  SPSS PC software, databases either in SPSS and DBF formats.


Skills and qualification


  Summer School on Statistics, Essex University

  School on Statistics, Michigan University

  Faculty of Sociology, Moscow State University

  Faculty of Sociology, Tashkent State University

  Faculty of Mathematics, Tashkent State University

  Faculty of Biology, Tashkent State University

  Faculty of Chemistry, Tashkent State University

and others


Research methods used


  quantitative method (door-to-door, face-to-face interviews, etc.);

  qualitative research (focus groups, in-depth interviews, PRA and PPA, case studies, etc.);

  CATI - Computer Assisted Telephone Interview.



Provided stages of surveys


  sample design and implementation; (up to 7,000 households)

  questionnaire design, adaptation and translation into local languages;

  questionnaire pretest;

  training of interviewers and supervisors; (using test exam)


  quality control; (with re-visits of 10-20% of interviewed respondents/households)

  data encoding, entry, and cleaning;

  data analysis;

  preparation of analytical reports;

  preparation of reports on field works and sample implementations;

  presentations and workshops.


Clients and Partners:



  ABT Zdraw-plus.

  Afkor (Tajikistan)

  Asian Development Bank.

  BAT British American Tobacco.

  BAS Program (EBRD).

  BBC World. Media Audience Survey.

  BRIF (Kazakhstan).

  Cambridge University.

  Center for Economical Research (Uzbekistan).

  CESSI (Russia and Kazakhstan).

  Counterpart Consortium.

  El Pikir (yrgyzstan)


  Eurasia Group (US).

  European University Institute, Florence.

  GTZ (Germany).

  Inter-media Survey Institute.

  Internet company.

  International Foundation for Election Systems.

  Japan International Cooperation Agency.

  Johns Hopkins University.

  John Snow, Inc/World Bank.

  Michigan University.

  Ministry of Health Protection, Republic of Uzbekistan.

  Medicines san Frontiers.

  Mercy Corp.

  National Bank, Uzbekistan.

  Natural Resources Management Project/USAID.

  Open Society Institute.


  Osteuropa Institute (Germany).

  Panorama (Tajikistan)


  Public Service International.

  Reynolds Tobacco (RJR).


  State Department of Statistics, Republic of Uzbekistan.

  State Committee for Nature Protection, Republic of Uzbekistan.

  Stone and Webster, Inc/World Bank.

  The Futures Group.

  Unilever Export.






  UN International Organization for Migration


  U.S. Institute of Peace.

  World Bank.

And many others since 1990.